Pokemon X and Y: Torchic Speed Boost Event – All You Need to Know

Sorry for all the pokemon posts lately, but this game is a huge release. Unlike other pokemon releases where it was released in Japan before the U.S., Pokemon X and Y was released Worldwide. This means that entirely new ground is being forged – so many new things, and many things we don’t know about!


Here is all the information you need on your special event torchic for Pokemon x and y. Keep in mind, while Blaziken IS a really overpowered Pokemon, he was moved to the Uber tier.  So this means for competitive play, he is up against all the other ubers, and can’t be used in OU tournaments.  (See my Tiers post for more information!)

General Event Info:

  • The event will run from Oct. 12, 2013 – Jan. 15, 2014. The event is now live.
  • You obtain the Torchic through WiFi, hotspots, or other internet connections.
  • No, the Torchic is not a store-exclusive pokemon. No, you do not have to go to GameStop to get one. No, you do not have to buy the games from GameStop to get one. No, you do not have to preorder the games.
  • Yes, this means you can sit at home and get your Torchic.

Downloading Torchic to Your Game:

  • To obtain it, start your X or Y game. On the main screen, it will say New Game, Continue Game, and Mystery Gift. Select Mystery Gift. Select GET VIA INTERNET. This step is important. Some people have not been able to get it through the first option (get via local wireless) It will then find the event and let you download it.
  • Is your Torchic not downloading? Double-check that you selected the right internet connection. Yes, I am asking you do the equivalent of checking to see if your PC is plugged in or not – but now I’ve seen lots of people who had this issue, so I wanted to add it.

Obtaining Torchic in Your Game:

  • To receive it in game, go to the pokemon center and look for the deliveryman/mailman. Save first – see the next section.

Torchic General Info:

  • Save before speaking to the mailman if you want to try for specific natures, IVs, and so forth. See below for nature recommendations.
  • Yes, this means you can soft reset to get different Torchics.
  • The Torchic will be level 10.
  • Torchic is distributed in a Cherish Ball.
  • You cannot rename the Torchic. You are not the OT (Original Trainer), so the Renamer will not work either.
  • All Torchics will have the Speed Boost ability and will hold the Blazikenite.
  • Torchic’s beginning moves are Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, and Ember.
  • Torchic has a premier ribbon.
  • Yes, you can completely reset your game and still get another Torchic as long as the event is live. I have personally confirmed this.
  • All Torchics will be male.
    • HOWEVER:  Thanks to a NEW CHANGE in gen VI, male pokemon have a “slight chance” of passing down an ability – meaning you can (eventually, an time-consumingly) breed speed boost off of your event torchic. Confirmed: here, and here, and other places too.

Breeding, Training, Nature:

  • The Torchic can be bred with a ditto, but the offspring will only have a very slight chance of speed boost due to him being male. Ditto can be found in Pokemon Village, the same place you meet the 8th gym leader.
  • Confirmed: here, and here, and other places too.
  • Torchic cannot be traded via GTS due to its ribbon.
  • The recommended nature for Torchic is Adamant (atk) or Jolly (spd). It’s really a matter of preference and how you are going to use your Blaziken.

Shiny Info:

  • Torchic cannot be shiny. For giveaways, it is either shiny or not shiny – there’s no random chance involved. (Info based on multiple confirmations of how event giveaways work and the algorithms involved.)

Unrelated to Torchic Shiny Info:

  • Did you know: The three starters do not have their shiny colors when you first see them. To see if your starter is shiny, you have to enter battle/go to its stats screen. So, if you are going to soft reset to try for a shiny, don’t just look at the 3 starters on that rotating table – pick it and go into battle/its stats screen before you reset.  Lots of confirmations on this have been made.

I obtained this information from reddit, serebii, along with other internet sources.

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