Animal Crossing: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  I hope it was full of candy and partying!  Being a college student myself, I bet you think I went to some crazy party in some slutty outfit?  Well you’re totally right!  But I didn’t decide on my costume right away; I had a few options in mind.

First, I have my Watermelon costume.  This is comprised of a Watermelon Hat, Watermelon Shirt, Black Formal Skirt, Red Tights, and Mary Janes.

Watermelon Costume.

Watermelon Costume.



Second, I have my Samurai costume.  This is comprised of a Samurai Shirt, Samurai Pants, Samurai Helmet, Curly Mustache, and Gladiator Sandals.

Samurai Costume

Samurai Costume.



Third, I have my Pink Superhero costume.  This is comprised of a Pink Zap Helmet, Pink-Zap Suit, and Zap Boots.  I also wore Rainbow Tights, but really any of your favorite tights will work here!

Pink Superhero Costume.

Pink Superhero Costume.



Forth, I have my Duck costume.  This is comprised of a Sailor Suit (gained off the internets from a QR code) a Beak, a Yellow RibbonYellow Rain Boots, and Blue-Stripe Tights.

Duck Costume

Duck Costume



In the end, I decided to wear what I actually wore for halloween in real life: my French Maid costume.  This is comprised of the French Maid Dress (gained off the internets from a QR code), Fishnet Tights, and Mary Janes.  Alternatively, you can wear White Tights.

French Maid Costume

French Maid Costume.


I was a french maid for Halloween this year, a classic.  So I put on my costume and opened my town, inviting my sister and boyfriend.  My sister and I got to the club first!

Partying it up at the club!  My sister as an angel (left) and myself as a french maid (right).

At the Club! My sister as a sailor angel (left) and myself as a french maid (right).


After clubbing, we hung out at the cafe and got some great coffee.  Three sugars in mine, please!  We changed out of our costumes and ran around the town a while, picking fruits and hitting villagers with nets.

But of course, my sister couldn’t let the night end without putting the “Trick” in “Trick-or-Treat!”  She buried two pitfalls just over the other side of a bridge, and yelled to me and my boyfriend to “come here, come here quickly!”  And unsuspectingly, we ran right over the bride before we could notice the pitfalls.  Despite extreme struggling, she still managed to get a picture.

pitfall trick

I can’t believe her plan worked so perfectly! We felt so gullible!

All in all it’s actually a pretty good pitfall trick, and despite feeling like a complete fool, I would highly recommend it for you to trick your friends!

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