How I became an Animal Crossing Millionaire

Animal Crossing is all about Bells, Bells, Bells – literally. From day one you are put in debt, and nearly all advancements in the game are dependant on your house size, number of purchases, and collections of clothing. But thankfully I don’t have to worry about the daily grind anymore, thanks to the Stalk Market!

Here is how the market works: You can buy Turnips on Sundays, between 6am and noon, from a boar named Joan. Each other day of the week, the Re-Tail shop buys turnips at a price randomly from about 20 – 599 a piece. This being said, you just want to sell the turnips for more than you paid for them. However, Turnips only last for one week before they rot, meaning each week is full stressful decisions of when to sell.  However, with a little insight, you will easily be able to make gains on the Stalk Market!

Most Money in One Sell

Ready to experience great wealth?

Buy turnips on sunday, more if the price seems low.  Selling prices of turnips change twice a day at Re-Tail.  There are four patterns that turnip prices can follow throughout the week:

Decreasing Pattern
Prices will consistently decrease by a few bells each time, never increasing. The start price for the week will be between 99 – 50 bells.  If the price doesn’t increase by Thursday afternoon, you should sell immediately.

Big Spike Pattern
This starts with the decreasing pattern, but then there will be three increasing prices, with the third being the maximum for the week.  The maximum is followed by two decreasing prices that are still higher than average, and then a continuation of the decreasing pattern. This means the maximum can’t occur on Monday or Saturday.

Small Spike Pattern
Starts as a decreasing pattern, but then there will be four increasing prices, with the fourth being the maximum for the week.  The maximum is followed by one decreasing price that is higher than average, and then a continuation of the decreasing pattern. This means the earliest that the maximum can occur is Tuesday afternoon, and the latest is Saturday morning.

Random Price Pattern
Plain old unpredictable prices, in the range of about 50 to 200. The prices increase and decrease at random. The price seems to go over 110 at least twice in this week.


The best feeling ever!

The best feeling ever!


Some simple Stalk market Tips:

If you ever see an increasing price, wait for the next price change. If it decreased right after an increase, it means you have the random pattern, so you should sell if the price goes over 110 bells. However, if the price increases two times in a row, you should wait and check the next price.   If the next price is 250 or greater, you should probably sell right away, because it’s probably the large spike pattern. If the third increased price is not that high, you should wait until the next price change and sell then, because it’s probably the small spike pattern.

If the turnip prices haven’t increased by Thursday afternoon, you should sell your turnips right away. The latest that an increase can happen is Thursday afternoon, so if there haven’t been any increasing prices by then, it means you have the decreasing pattern and will need to sell at a loss.


What will you build with all of your Bells from the Stalk Market?

My Ultimate Success in the Stalk Market

The majority of my wealth – the amount that allowed me to officially retire from ever having to do anything related to making money ever again – came from a stroke of luck in a very, very good turnip price.  One fateful Sunday, my sister’s town was buying turnips for 567 bells!  My sister and I have our towns set a day apart for this reason – I could buy turnips in  my town, and run over and sell them in hers!  We split the profits accordingly.

Bells in one sell

Bells for one full inventory of Turnips! About an 800k Bell Profit from the buy price!

I made several trips back and forth to her town selling turnips!  Because she is so generous, my sister also opened a forum on animal crossing community telling others of the great sell price!  She was instantly flooded with responses.  Hoards of people from all over the globe came to visit, all leaving tips for the great price and huge money-making opportunity.  Tips was where a lot of the money was made, ranging from 10k – 300 bells per person!

Visitors from other towns coming to sell their Turnips

Visitors from other towns coming to sell their Turnips

It was really cool to see all the different kinds of people, their outfits, and their current wealth.  Many exclaimed “wow, I made 65k!  Thank you so much!”  Whole others quickly made the trip, left a 300k tip, and left the town having never said a word.  Just business.

There were way more people who wanted in than we could possibly account for.  It quickly became apparent that saying, “Don’t worry, everyone will have a chance,” was extremely false.  It became an all day affair, moderating the forum, adding friend codes, and watching people run around town.  Finally, my sister went to sleep with her DS on, deciding she was just going to hope that no one wrecks her town during their visit.  It was a very crazy day!

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