Skyrim: DovahBear

Have you ever wished there were more races available in Skyrim?  But not just any old race that you can download a mod for, I mean something that makes Skyrim a whole new game.  For instance, wouldn’t you love to be a bear?!


Dovahbear from

Dovahbear from

I may not be able to convince you, but this quick series of videos sure will!  They are just so hilarious that I had to share.  There is three in total, you gotta watch them all!

DovahBear 1

DovahBear 2

DovahBear 3

Now that you’ve seen these there is no way you can continue your Skyrim adventure without a Dovahbear of your own, right?  Not to worry, there’s a mod for that.  That’s what I really love about Skyrim, and the entire Elder Scrolls Community – if you want something in the game, there is a pretty high chance you’re not the only one.  And someone will make it happen.

Check out the DovahBear Companion Mod!  While it’s just a companion now, the author is working on making DovahBear a playable race!

DovahBear Companion

Essential (He’s Dovahbear, nothing can kill him)
Ally to PC (Should not attack you if you attack him)
Will level up with you
Currently fights as a bear would, can shout, and transform into a werebear
Does not steal your dragon souls from you
Trades, waits, and moves into position
Takes up Animal follower slot

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