Elder Scrolls Online: To be released 4/4/14 !!

The Elder Scrolls Online is almost ready to be released!  There is not much time left to get the special pre-order rewards, so do that now!  Because you know you’re going to play anyway.  Also, if you pre-order, you can play 5 days sooner.

I have been playing as much of the beta as I can, and besides how terrible the female Argonians look, I love everything about the game.  It has definitely come a long way since some of the earlier beta tests.  It’s going to consume all of my free time I’m sure.  Here are just a bunch of screenshots from the game:



If you pre-order, you get:

  • to play any race on any alliance
  • Bonus Treasure maps
  • 5 days of early access
  • a cute little Scuttler vanity pet!!!

If you get the ‘spensive Imperial Edition you get more cool things, the most notable being a white horse!  Weeee-snawww!  Oh, and you can also make a character of the Imperial race.

Imperial White Horse

Imperial White Horse

And another vanity pet comes with the Imperial Edition: A Mudcrab!  Baby mudcrab ermagerd so cute!

Baby mudcrab ermagerd so cute!

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