Pokemon Promotion: Free Copy of Pokemon X or Y with purchase of qualifying 3DS game!


Club Nintendo has a new promotion out for the month of March: You can get a free copy of Pokemon X or Y (download only) if you register your 3DS and buy one of the eligible games on Club Nintendo!  Note: You do need to buy a new copy of one of the eligible games.

All you need is the serial number of your 3DS (or 2DS) to register (it’s printed on the back) and the serial number of your eligible 3DS game (found inside the box or on the cartridge somewhere).  The following games are eligible:

However, if you bought the game from the Nintendo Eshop, you unfortunately need to call Nintendo (1-800-255-3700) and ask them for this code.  It doesn’t take very long though.  This also means Nintendo know the date you bought the game, so they will know if you didn’t buy the game this month, and if that is the case they won’t give you your code (this happened to me!).  But, the Nintendo rep did seem to say that she would be able to tell me the code if I had bought the game in February or January.  You may be able to still use an old code from a box, but this is unconfirmed.

Hurry hurry, this promotion is for March 2014 only!

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