Pokemon: Release of the Pokebank says it’s time to transfer!

With the release of the Pokebank (FINALLY) we all need to transfer up our Pokemon from our old games!    My first words of wisdom when you begin to transfer Pokemon is to make sure you are done with everything in the game before you transfer – it was very difficult for me to defeat Red in Soul Silver with only level 60 Pokemon!  You will also want to catch all your legendaries in your game before you take all your Pokemon off.  You’ve been saving that Masterball forever, but now it’s time to finally use it.  In addition, make sure to use those rare candies and PP ups that you’ve been hoarding (because you can’t transfer items via Pokebank).

I transferred my shiny event Suicune!  Here he is eyeing a Supremem Fall PokePuff.

I transferred my shiny event Suicune! Here he is eyeing a Suprememe Fall PokePuff.

The fastest way to catch your ledgendary is to save in front of it and soft reset the game (L + R + SELECT + START) every time you fail to catch it, or get one with a bad nature or IVs.  This brings me to my next point – there are so many different Pokeballs and so many status conditions.  Which ball is best to catch my legendary?  What about status condition?  And in the end, what are my actual chances of catching this Pokemon?  For this, I came across a great resource to share with you!  For example, the best balls to catch Mewtwo!  or the best balls to catch Suicune!  Make sure you also have a list of natures handy, if that’s important to you when catching. Don’t forget, you can grab a free Celebi just for using the Pokebank app twice (you don’t even have to actually transfer any Pokemon!).  This offer ends in September, 2014!


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