Riot De-activates ALL current skin codes

In case you haven’t heard, Riot decided last month to deactivate ALL active skin codes – meaning there are absolutely no more free skin codes out there in the world, ANYWHERE.  This means there is NO WAY to get these old exclusive skins anymore, such as PAX Jax, PAX Sivir, and PAX Twisted Fate.

PAX Sivir is one of the rare skins whose codes have all expired

PAX Sivir has now completely expired and can no longer be obtained in any way

Before you get too worried, Riot is not deactivating skins that are already redeemed on your account using a code. Riot is deactivating all unused codes that currently exist.

Skins who had active codes which are now recently retired include:

  • PAX Sivir
  • PAX Jax
  • PAX Twisted Fate
  • Championship Riven
  • Championship Thresh
  • Black Allistar
PAX Jax now sits with his fellow un-buyable PAX skins

PAX JAX has now completely expired and can no longer be obtained in any way

Riot issued this decision with heavy emphasis on how it will lower the amount of scamming that happens to players who try to obtain these codes – which I agree with.  There are way to many scammers and fraudulent websites out there, and besides how people get ripped off, their adverts are annoying and spammy.   Just now when I was looking for pictures of the skins that retired for this post I was met with oodles of scammy “click here to get your free skin” type advertisements, all with surveys, offers, etc. that simply do not pan out.

PAX Twisted fate has now completely expired

PAX Twisted fate is among the PAX skins that have retired and can no longer be obtained

Of course we also know Riot is a little butthurt about other people making $600+ selling one skin code.  While some people think this is totally uncalled for, I think this is something they are totally allowed to get butthurt about.  League of Legends is completely free to play, and skin purchases are a HUGE source of income for Riot.  They depend upon it to keep their company running, and if people are spending money on skins, Riot should be getting that money.

Particularly exclusive Championship Riven is now completely unobtainable

Particularly exclusive Championship Riven is now completely unobtainable

I do feel really bad for players in other countries who can’t go to events in the U.S. like PAX, and buying skins was one of the few ways they could obtain these exclusive skins.  I also feel bad for people who had some codes do give away, like I did, and then the codes simply expired.

While I dont think he looked to particularly Impressive, Black Allistar is now completely off the market

While I dont think he looked to particularly Impressive, Black Allistar is now completely off the market

So, what now?  The only way to get these skins is to attend events, such as PAX (Prime, East, and Australia), C2E2, Anime Expo, Gamescom, Dreamhack and others events like that.  Riot has some more general skin code info here.

I personally will continue to go to PAX East every year and will give out codes within that one week window before they expire!  Even if you can’t attend events, you should keep their dates in mind so you can grab some codes during that week before they expire.

That being said, PAX Prime is less than a month away – August 29th – Sept 1st!  I wont be able to attend, but make sure you are looking around for others who will sell or give away codes during this time!

I will be attending PAX East 2015, scheduled for March 6 – 8, 2015.  Expect to see more codes from me then!  And until then, I do not have any more codes to give – no one anywhere does.

Bottom line here: If anyone tells you they can get you a retired skin, they are lying.

6 thoughts on “Riot De-activates ALL current skin codes

  1. mocarnynalesnik

    we need more posts!!

  2. Hello! thank you for posting this, what you said its really true, there is only scams…everywhere!
    Im also thinking to attend pax event 2015 in boston ): if anything hopefully ill see you there! and if notthen im going to bother you for a code >< lol thank you anyways!

  3. saber

    i want code euw pls

  4. Allan

    pax sivir Y.Y i want pax sivir code LAS

  5. jack

    can someone please get me the code for pax sivir i love the skin and theres nothing more in the whole lol world i want more than this skin thank you please email me if you are willing to share the code for the skin

  6. Brandon

    NA Sivir main here would love PAX Sivir code. She was one of the first adc’s i bought and never regretted it. My love for this skin goes as deep as having a animated background on my phone and computer with her PAX skin. Please email me if you have one to spare :)

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