Five Used Vel’Koz skins from PAX 2015

As promised, 5 Vel’koz skins from PAX East.  These are all used on NA – I live here and my personal friends get dibs first.  If you live in NA, you should check out my other post where you can start earning your own free RP.


Remove the “CAKE” from the middle of these codes to get them to work.  Also remember – if you don’t have Vel’koz, this code gives you the champion as well as the skin.  Don’t waste your IP!







10 thoughts on “Five Used Vel’Koz skins from PAX 2015

  1. ShackleR

    Thank you!!!! got it on LAS

  2. Ahmed

    Thank you, used the 4th code on eune

    • Ahmed

      all other codes are used on eune btw

  3. treago

    what the reason to post used codes?

    • Kristin

      They aren’t used when they are posted haha people use them up once posted

  4. rob3rt

    ofc all used euw

  5. SomeRandomGuy

    All used for eune :(((((

  6. Plamen

    can someone pls send me a code to my email pls i really want this skin but i cant go to PAX :(

  7. VP

    Hello, can anyone give me code? :(

  8. dev

    will wait for new codes as this all got used so have bookmarked ur blog :D
    thanks for your efforts and help :)

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