PAX East 2015 – One free Arclight Vel’koz skin

So even though Riot did not have a booth at PAX East, they put an Arclight Vel’koz skin in the swag bags this year. Swag bags are a one per person deal, so I don’t have very many skins. I do have a few to give away, but my friends on NA come first! I’ll have some left over for other servers besides NA soon – I still need to travel back home.

Riot also gave out a few Riot Kayle skins, but I believe it was only to cosplayers in the cosplay lounge and I didn’t get any of those.


It’s late and I’m feeling lazy so this is just a first come first serve deal.  Other codes I might have you guys play a guess-the-number game or something.

It’s good for any server BESIDES NA and EUNE.  Remove the “CAKE” from the code if you want this to work.


Remember, remove the “CAKE” from the code if you want this to work.  Please comment what server you used it on so others know. :)  Good luck and congratz to my subscribers who will get here first!

10 thoughts on “PAX East 2015 – One free Arclight Vel’koz skin

  1. hector

    lan gracias

  2. rob3rt

    well they took it on euw :(

  3. treago

    got it on RU
    thanks :)

  4. BR used up, tks :D

  5. Thanks to you ^^ ı got it at TR server.

  6. Alexander

    Damn, Hector won me :( I’m from LAN too, glad to know you enjoyed your time at PAX, i’ll be waiting for your next post :3

  7. ga4ooo2

    eune used:( i will never have a skin:(

  8. A code for LAS!! please!!

  9. stevenleking

    Used on EUW, not by me :(

  10. ShackleR

    Thank you!!!!

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