Giving away 1300 ($10) Riot Points!

It’s that time again – giveaway time!


I am giving away two (2) five dollar gift cards for Riot Pints (650 RP!)

  1. The first code will be given away on my Facebook page.  Guess the right number between 0 and 650 to win 650 RP!  If no one has guessed correctly by June 30th, whoever has the closest guess will be the winner.  Remember, you need to “like” my page or you won’t be able to find out if you’ve won. You can only guess once.  If you guess the number more than one time, I will void all your guesses.
  2. The second card goes to my highest earning Swagbucks referral: Congrats Jordan A.!  Please message me on Facebook with proof you are Jordan A. (Tell me your Swagname, date you joined, etc) to receive your reward.  If Jordan A. does not claim their reward by June 30th, it will go to the current second highest earner: Reve A.

Want a chance to be the highest referral next giveaway, while also earning more free RP for yourself?  Sign up under me at Swagbucks and learn how to start earning free RP fast.


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