Looking for spare accounts on alternate servers! Free skin for your extra account! Unlock giveaways for your server!

As I’ve posted before, it’s impossible to send gifts cross-server. That means I can’t give things away to anyone who isn’t on my server (NA).  So, my plan (and really the only option) is to have my own account on every server, so I can send a gift to anyone!

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just creating an accounts… I need to level each account to level 15, because you need to be at least level 15 to gift RP. This is obviously going to take me a while. Especially when you live in NA and you’re playing on a server that’s crazy far away from you.

After hearing about what I was doing, TheSerpentKing told me he had an extra account on his server (EUNE) he wasn’t using, and said I could have it to use for giveaways! As thanks for his generosity, I’m gifting him a 1350 RP skin of his choice! Thanks TheSerpentKing!


TheSerpentKing requested Project Zed in exchange for his extra account!

Also, this means I can now host giveaways for EUNE!

That being said, I’m looking for accounts on other servers so I can host giveaways.

The account:

  • Must be at least level 15
  • Must have an un-verified email

And I’m looking for accounts on these servers:

  • BR
  • LAS
  • RU
  • TR

Message me on Facebook if you have a level 15 account you don’t use and want to trade it for a 1350 RP skin! Or if you just want more information, feel free to message me.

1350 RP skin as reward! Or just RP if that’s what you’d rather! Basically, if you have any extra level 15 accounts on these servers, I would be super grateful and we can talk about getting you a good reward for your generosity!

I haven’t had a giveaway in a while and I apologize. I’m going to try to grab a few more accounts on other servers so more people can participate, and then there is going to be a huge giveaway!


If I could pick any 1350 skin for myself right now… I would grab Arcade Riven!

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