2016 Earth Day is URF Day

And Sona is still broken.


I stayed up until midnight on April 21st, hoping URF (Ultra Rapid Fire) would be out as soon as the 22nd arrived. But it didn’t happen, and I was really upset… I knew I had to go to work tomorrow, like an adult, and I wouldn’t be able to play until like 5pm. Considering URF is only here for 2.5 days (Friday at 12pm – Monday 3am), and I have waited 2 YEARS for this game mode to come back, I did consider taking off work.

But, I didn’t – even though there was no URF on the NA servers, it was out and playable on OCE. And it was at 12:05am that I remembered I had an OCE account (shout-out to Tunder2015 for giving me an OCE account)! So I did play URF at midnight, and it was glorious. I promptly went 19/4/11 with Sona (and yes, my team won).

I have a new-found love for OCE, and to show it, I’m giving away a 975 RP skin to someone on OCE! The skin goes to the first person to message me on Facebook with their OCE account name, the 975 skin they want, and their favorite champion to play on URF and why.

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