Printable Pokemon Holiday Gift Tags

This Christmas, I found out all too late that I didn’t have any gift tags for the gifts I was wrapping. I ran out to my local grocery store to grab some, but they actually didn’t sell any! Not a big deal I guess, I decided I would just google around and find some sets to print out. This was when I was amazed to find that, even with the entire internet at my fingertips, I could not find any Pokemon-themed holiday gift tags (that were free, lol). I’m also a bit picky about my gift tags apparently – I wanted them to be cute, and I also wanted them to be mostly white so I wasn’t printing out an entire ink cartridge in gift tag form. So, as the next logical step…

I made my own Pokemon Gift Tags! Download them as a printable PDF below.

Set 1 (Print Landscape):


Set 2 (Print Portrait):

Print easily from the links below!

  1. Pokemon Holiday Gift Tags, Set 1
  2. Pokemon Holiday Gift Tags, Set 2

I added my site name at the bottom because it took me a really long time to put these together, and I’d like credit for reposts on printable Pokemon gift tags. However, I did not draw any part of these. Special thanks to the artists:

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