Howrse Giveaway: 250+ Passes worth of Items


I played Howrse, a browser-based horse breeding game, hardcore from 2011 – 2013. When I say hardcore, I mean I was in the #2 Unicorn breeding group on the international server. Blup in under an hour, minimum five blups per week, make my uni breed time every day, etc. My group and I were never able to take the #1 spot, and the group eventually started to fizzle out. After playing so intensely, I couldn’t get back into Howrse as a casual… but I didn’t have any more energy (or time) to play so intensely again, either.

If you’re not familiar with Howrse terms, Bluping a horse means maxing out a horse’s skills so it has maximum potential for breeding. At my fastest, this took me about 45 minutes, which means clicking so fast your fingers were sore by the end of it. My team bred Unicorns, which can only breed at one specific minute in the day. As a player, you can set this minute to whatever time you want. For example, I set my unicorn breeding time to 8pm, which meant I could only successfully breed unicorns for the 60 seconds it was 8:00pm. As soon as it’s 8:01, you’re out of luck. To top it all off, even on a successful breed, it is a 50% chance to get a unicorn.

Now that it’s 2018 (and I haven’t played for 5 years) I’m finally mentally ready to part with all my stuff! What a waste it would be if it never got used. It’s been a long time, but I took a look around and it does seem like things still have a similar worth.

The Items

I’m keeping the following list (not picture) up to date as I give away items. The number next to each item is how many I have left. If I don’t have any left, it’s crossed out. I can only make 3 trades per week, so there is probably a line. Message me on Facebook to get in line.


Most Valuable Items:
Limit one gift transaction per person, with no more than 1 item.

  • Hermes’ Winged Staff
  • Nyx Pack
  • The 5th Element x1


Valuable Items:
Limit one gift transaction per person, no more than 2x of a single item.

  • Morpheus Arms x6
  • Horn of Plenty x2
  • Golden Apples x6
  • Harmony Pack
  • Poseidon’s Pack x11
  • Hera’s Pack x1
  • Zeus’ Lightning Bolt x15
  • Philosopher’s Stone x2
  • Fertility Wand x21
  • Water of Youth x14
  • Chronos Timer x4
  • Medusa’s Blood x7
  • Aphrodite’s Tears x6


Not-So-Valuable Items:
Unlimited, depending on the amount of gifts I have left to send this week.

  • Piece of Cloud x16
  • Black Orchid x34
  • Ploutos’ Parchment x8
  • Philotes’ Stroke x8
  • Artemis’ Arrow x4
  • Lyres x17
  • Rays x15
  • Random Tack (Actually not sure I can trade these?)


Untradable Items:
If you’re interested, let’s talk about these.

  • Hestia’s Gift x3


Besides Items, I have some horses that might be worth something. Check them out on my Howrse profile. Divines are 1 per person. Other horses, I might give you two!

  • Harlequin
  • Moon
  • Gypsum
  • Male & Female Unicorns: Can bolt if desired, just ask
  • Retired Coats (Horses, Peggy, Uni, Donkey)
  • 5th Element Horses / Unicorns / Pegasus


Message me directly on Facebook! Let me know your username and what item you want as soon as possible, which help cut down on time for me to ask you these questions.

One item per person, unless you want some of the less-valuable BMIs.

If you message me first that means you are first in line, but it doesn’t mean I put every single item on hold for you until you make up your mind. For example, if you say you want a divine, I will not put them all on hold for you until I get a stack-ranked order from you. You can tell me you would like Moon, and if she is not available you would like a Nyx pack, and if that is not available you would like a GA. If you say “you want anything,” I will ask you to pick something, and if you really don’t care what you get I’ll pick something at random for you, probably a baby uni or equus.

First come, first served. No other requirements.

DO NOT comment on the Facebook post I made, message me directly.

Waiting List

I can only make 3 trades per week. View the current waiting list here.

If you want a unicorn or other horse, I can trade that immediately and you do not need to wait. Visit my profile to see what I have left.

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