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World of Warcraft: Carrot Cupcakes

World of Warcraft is a MMORPG, where players work together to complete quests, defeat raid bosses, have miniature pet battles, and see how many times they can spam the word “fag” before getting a temporary ban.  The game is rather old now, but still wildly popular. In the game, players eat designated “food items” to...
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My Sister’s Animal Crossing Boyfriend

It happens, I get it – some video game characters are just unbelievably attractive. And in Animal Crossing, having a favorite villager isn’t uncommon. There are friendly villagers, mean as shit villagers, super cute villagers, and ugly as hell villagers. Because your villagers can move out if they feel neglected, it’s common to shower said...
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Pokeball Cake Pops

Whether you’ve seen the Television show, played on the Gamecube, Wii, or DS, seen stores selling action figures, posters, and T-Shirts — the Pokeball (Po — Kah — Ball) is a universal symbol for all things Pokemon. So let’s make some pokeballs! These are just cake pops dipped in chocolate. I use Red Velvet cake...
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The Worst Pokemon in Existence

Everyone talks about who the best pokemon are – but what about the worst?  These poor saps never get any attention.  And how will you know which Pokemon you need to desperately avoid? In no particular order, we introduce to you the suckiest, the crappiest, the whole heartedly shittiest Pokemon in the entire game (pre-gen 6).  Don’t...
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Notes on Pokemon Games

With the quickly-approaching release of Pokemon X and Y, I’d like to share with you a bunch of things about the Pokemon handheld games; stuff I wish I knew before I played through entire games. I’d like to start out with some high level meta game: Pokemon tiers.  Even if you’re not into intense multiplayer...
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